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Qbik's newest presentation is dedicated to festive feels, your inner diva and all the Studio 54 hedonist mavens.

Colour blocking with patchwork of solid colours, playing out in fluid silhouettes and free flowing drapes a line of Saree Gowns, Pant Sarees and Kaftaans. Cowls and pleats, belts that accentuate waists for that formal do and a riot of colours. From a dinner soiree to a pool party, Mehendi or cocktail at a destination wedding, holiday at an exotic location or a formal evening.

Mehsoos | Joy | Freedom | Laughter | Intuition | Love | Feeling

an ode to the celebration of all of life’s small but beautiful moments

A moment fleeting, embraced with open arms, celebrating the joys of a life lived! Those notes of love, written in an open meadow by a hopeless romantic to the object of his affection. Unshackled and boundless joy seen in the images of the past, a break from confinement and any judgements. Designers Vrinda & Gurinder have chosen to celebrate our innermost desires of happiness through this presentation.



The word Renaissance simply or if loosely translated, means and signifies revival or renewed interest in something. For their latest offerings, the Designer duo of Vrinda Sachdev and Gurinder Singh have concentrated their creative energies on reviving the QBIK signature styles. The entire collection is an homage to QBIK’s signature styles.

Celebrations | Fusion | Quirky | Festive | Colorful

A confluence, a melange, a collective, a synergy!

Qbik’s newest collection for the upcoming festive season is a celebration of all things Indian and all things love! A celebration of different crafts in the form of Kashmiri embroidery, ikat weaves, Rajasthani and Mughal embellishments. A celebration of colour, form and silhouettes. A celebration of colors, cultures, festivities and most importantly thoughts.

Season | Change | Month

A capsule collection of draped sarees

Qbik’s newest capsule collection is an ode to change of seasons and moods in each month of the Hindu calendar. Since time immemorial our culture has given prime importance to festivals and rituals based on timings and month. This presentation Mausam 2020 celebrates nature and its wonderful seasons in true form, which are surprisingly different from each other and at the same time are very closely interrelated.